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A Shared Blanket
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Museum Quality Native American Art In The Heart Of Durango Colorado
A Shared Blanket is a Museum quality Native American Gallery in Durango, Colorado, featuring authentic artwork from tribal members throughout the United States, emphasizing Navajo weavings, Zuni fetishes, Pueblo storytellers and pottery, Alaskan sculptures, drums, flutes, baskets, and jewelry.   We, also, represent specific well- known artists locally, with D. Frank watercolors and jewelry designs,  John Grow oils,  Tommy Jackson -  Navajo Jewelry,  J. C. Black - Native Paintings, Cloud Eagle sculptures and several hundred other artists. 

All of the original art comes directly from the artist.  An exceedingly knowledgeable staff can guide you through the various artists, tribes, artifacts and ceremonies and help you collect the finest pieces.  We know each artist personally and guarantee authenticity.  We do appraisals as well.  We buy for other galleries and museums as well as other Web sites, and  gladly offer our expertise to you.  Our resident Interpretative Archaeologist will share the stories and significance of each piece with you and the artists here will even custom paint drums for you.
Original Paintings
Hopi Kachinas
Navajo Weaving
Zuni Fetishes
Native Jewlery
Alaskan Sculptures
Pottery and Storytellers

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D. Frank Originals