104 E. 5th St., Durango, CO

Adjacent to the train station
A Shared Blanket
Hopi Kachinas


Original Paintings
Navajo Weavings
Zuni Fetishes
Native Jewelry
Alaskan Sculptures
Pottery and Storytellers
D. Frank Originals
We represent traditional Native artists from tribes throughout the United States. Some elements of style and design have been handed down generation to generation. Other elements reflect the artist’s personal evolution. Each item is reverently coaxed into being for movement uniting spirit and natural materials. We are sticklers for authenticity, and each piece is identified by artist and tribe with the usage and story included.
Also, bow and arrow sets, quivers, pipes, dance rattles, tomahawks, Huron  moccasins, drums by Cochiti Ray (we will custom paint for you), medicine wheels and dream catchers, dance fans, cradleboards, prayer feathers, flutes, chokers, masks, baskets, medicine pouches, custom hand-folded Damascus steel knives, Dan Gwynn, sterling inlaid animal figure, knives,  Juniper burl wood boxes,  fossils, dinosaur teeth, Larry Cly Navajo artifacts such as pipes, rattles, arrows and bows, quivers, tomahawks, hatchets, dye charts, dolls from many tribes, animal toys by Renee Young (she started making them for us when she was nine years old), and books.

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