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The Zuni came up from an underworld to earth because they were promised paradise.  But they were attacked by bears and mountain lions.  Their food was stolen and their children terrified. They turned to their twin gods, Corn Pollen and Rainboy, for help.  The twins went up to the thunder clouds and sent down lightning, striking some of the animals and turning them into stone.  This was to teach the animals they had to share the earth with man.

If you find a stone that looks like an animal the Zuni believe you have found one of the animals that was struck by lightning.  They believe the spirit of the animal is still inside the stone.  They often carve spirit lines into the fetishes. Each animal has a power - something to teach us.  A 'gift bundle' or offering is sometimes placed on the back of the fetish to encourage the animal spirit to share its power or knowledge with us.  They honor the spirit of the animal by giving what is most sacred:  turquoise, coral, or heishi.
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Badger:  healer
Bear:  power of introspection (teaches us to know ourselves)
Beaver:  value of home and family
Buffalo:  freedom and independence
Coyote:  laughter and power of humor
Eagle:  guardian of the sky, connection with divine
Elk:  power of love medicine
Frog:  female fertility
Horse:  strength
Mountain Lion:  patience
Owl:  wisdom
Ram:  prosperity (insures increase in flocks)
Snake:  male fertility
Squirrel:  teaches us to save
Turtle:  Mother Earth; teaches us to be centered, grounded
Wolf:  leadership, intelligence