104 E. 5th St., Durango, CO

Adjacent to the train station
A Shared Blanket

Pottery and Storytellers

Hopi Kachinas
Original Paintings
Navajo Weavings
Zuni Fetishes
Native Jewelry
Alaskan Sculptures
D. Frank Originals
Storytellers, and other pottery, come from Jemez Pueblo artists, including Alma Concha, Carol Lucero Gachupin, several members of the Fragua family, and other traditional artists. Lawrence Nanoki just brought in his newest Hopi pottery. We have traditional wedding vases and ceremonial pottery, both Pueblo and Navajo.   Ralph Aragon, from Zia Pueblo, creates gorgeous coil built pottery with his unique designs.
    Michelle Whitehorse, Navajo horsehair potter, brings her work in every month.  A vast collection of usable pottery in tradition  shapes.
    Norman Lansing, Ute Mountain Ute, carves and paints
intricate beautiful stories into his pottery and Herman Oliver, Navajo, brings his clan stories and symbols into his pottery  creations.
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